Scrapbooking Card-Stock Mini-Album Tutorial

Hello readers,

I would like to share a simple tutorial on how I make my cardstock mini-albums with a ring binding. First I start off with the card-stock which is a A4 piece. I then remove the label and then cut the cardsock into 2 equal pieces in the longer side. I used 5 pieces of cardstock which gave me 10 signitures. It is now time to add the designer paper of your choice. You can leave a 1/4 inch border around the two papers. I usually prefer to eyeball this step depending on the contrast I wish to achieve. I have now got the signitures covered with the dessigner paper of my choice. I am really pleased with the result. I then take two chipboards for front and back covers and cut it a 1/4 inch larger all around. I cover it with designer paper. I the use a bind-it-all to bind the mini-album. I will share the finished mini-album in my next blog. Have a great day,

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