Envelope Mini-Album

I have been planning to make a mini-album using recycled envelopes which I receive regularly in the post. The size of envelopes that I have used for this project is A5 size but you could use any size envelopes. However, make sure that you open the envelope with a sharp tool like a knive so that you get a neat edge at the top. Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures of how I made the recycled envelope mini-album. 

Fold the envelope into half with the opening at the top
I used 5 envelopes which make 5 signitures or pages for the album
This is how it looks with the opening on top
This is how it will be assembled

Sew or glue down the middle to make pockets on either side of the envelope
Distress the edges
With a distress ink like Tim Holtz distress ink. I used walnut ink
Make sure you distress on either side of the middle of the stiching
Time to add designer paper
I used the Mariposa collection by Prima Marketing.
Add the binding system like spiral binding
Time to add photos and embellishments
Add tags inside the top pockets of the mini-album

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