A Mini Album for Men

‘All for the men’ is an interesting paper stack designed by Marion Smith. The design and colours are of course very manly and pleasing. I wanted to make a mini album for a male and I decided to dive into this paper stash. It was easy to coordinate and the colours were easy to match. 

I started by making the skeleton mini album and used card stock for it. I folded A4 card stock into halv to make up the signitures of the mini album. I then decided to sew the signitures on to the cardstock spine using waxed thread. I then added the front and back cover of the mini album which was covered in designer paper. What was then left was to add designer paper  to the signitures. I am not sure at this stage if I will be embellishing the mini album at all. I would like there to be room for plenty of photos. I will decide as I go along. In the meantime I would like to share some photos of how I made this mini album. I really like the size and paper stash of this new mini album.

This has been another fun project to work on. I will keep you posted on how the mini album will be embellished and completed. Until then have a great day. //Donna

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