Altered Box

Hello dear readers,

An altered box that has been painted and stencilled, that is my latest project. I would like to share some pictures of the altered box and then do a step- by -step tutorial on how I altered the box.

I started off by first using gesso and painting the box twice with it. It is important to let the box dry in between the paintings.  


I then used titanium white acryclic paint to paint the box again. I painted the box twice and ensured that it was dry in between the two layers.

I painted the drawer too with two layers of gesso first and then acrylic paint. Then  I used a 12 inch by 12 inch stencil by Crafters Workshop and together with heavy gesso, stencilled over the surfaces of the box.



  I really love the textures the stencil and heavy gesso created. I am sharing some close-up views here.



  I then decided to add some colour to the textured box. I used Claudine Helmuth’s painterly pink acrylic paint. 


I wanted the stenciled design to be prominant and ‘pop’ a bit. So I realigned the stencil to shapes and used the gesso to add more texture to the piece. 

   I added some brown acrylic paint called sable brown from Claudine Helmuth to distress some of the spaces around the stenciled flowers. I am contemplating about varnishing the box eventually. Here is another look at my stenciled box. What do you think? Have a great week ahead. 
Here are links to some of the products used for this blog including the pictures:

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