Fabric Scrapbooking Mini Album

Hello readers,

The fabric scrapbooking mini album is now finally ready. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I had no model to follow from and I designed my own fabric mini album. What is different with my fabric mini album is the binding style and the fact that it is not soft and floppy. Usually the signitures are sewn into the spine but I had to improvise by using the bind-it-all. I was of course not too sure if it would work but I went ahead and punched the holes anyway. It is important that the material did not fray once the holes are punched. Here are some pictures of the beautiful mini album.



Well, I know that I will be tweaking this fabric mini album as I have a few more ideas which I will like to try. I would like to even try other styles of making fabric mini albums. So I am not finished with this chapter. Thank you for stopping by.

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