Fabric and lace scrapbooking mini album

Hello readers,

I have been meaning to make a fabric mini album for a while now. I found that there were very few tutorials out there to help you along the way.The ones I have seen are very costly workshops and I invested in several books but much to my disappointment they were not what I was looking for. I spent some time figuring out by myself how to make this fabric mini album and it was quite tricky especially figuring out how to bind it. I decided to finally see if I could use the bind-it-all and much to my delight it worked! This fabric mini album is no where complete but I would like to share some photos of the work-in-progress. I have ordered some beautiful vintage lace on ebay and I am so looking forward to using it in this lovely project together with some other items from my stash. Here is a sneak peek.


I tried ironing the fabrics before using them but they looked creased still but I will probably adding on some embellishments to cover them. So until the next time, all the very best for 2016. Thank you for all your kind words and support.


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