A super cool scrapbooking mini album

Hi everyone,

new cardstk mini album 042
Front cover

I am super excited to share this lovely cardstock mini album which I recently made. It is made from cardstock. Each signiture is made from a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of cardstock. The signitures contain flaps and pockets too. It has clean lines and looks very elegant. I love the size as it is 6 inches by  8 inches and accomodates most of the common photo sizes. I so like this mini album and style that I will be making another one like it again just to see if I can tweak it bit more. So my dear readers let me know what you think of it and have a super scrapping week-end. //Donna

new cardstk mini album 045
With photo added
new cardstk mini album 046
Smart construction with inbuilt flaps or tags
new cardstk mini album 047
Accomodates good sized photographs with no problems
new cardstk mini album 049
There is even a pocket behind the flaps for tags or photos
new cardstk mini album 051
Another spread with clean lines and no fuss
new cardstk minoi album 050
Looks stunning when photos are in place
new cardstk mini album 052
Another stunning spread with tags and pockets
new cardstk mini album 054
Tags are kept closed with magnetic buttons
new cardstk mini album 055
Kaiserkraft designer papers uplifts this page
new cardstk mini album 056
Looks great with photos


new cardstk mini album 057
Prima Marketing journalling cards complete these two last pages

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