Hello Scrappers,

I am now working on my true Mariposa album which I hope to complete soon. It will have a different format to my first Mariposa mini and if you are interested you can view it in utube and it is titled Donna’s Once Upon A Time Mariposa mini-album. I had great problems sourcing it from Sweden and after numerous google searches, I finally tracked it from an Etsy store in the US. I could only get 24 sheets of the 6” x 6” minus the prettiest bits. Sigh! After rummaging through my stash, I pulled out the Once Upon A Time collection which I have been keeping for a rainy day and it finally came. I am very pleased with the final result. Do let me know what you think of it.

Here is a little fairy-tale about the Mariposa Butterfly which I thought was really sweet. As you probably know, Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. Mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends are left to save the Queen of Flutterfield as she is poisoned by the wicked fairy Henna. This story is part of the Barbie Fairytopia series distributed by Universal Studios.

As my daughter is sixteen now, I am out of touch with fairy-tales and Barbies. Nevertheless, this tale fascinated me as I cannot seem to get enough of the Mariposa designed papers.

I will leave you with further pics of my Mariposa mini. Cheers!

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