Hello Scrappers,

What a better way to kick off my blog than with offering 2 Mariposa kits that I so absolutely adore?

Today is one of those days when ‘I have too many things on fire’ as they say in Swedish. I planned to put some pictures out on the Mariposa kits that I am marketing via u-tube. However, I decided that I will do it later if required as the video is self explanatory. If you are wondering about the prices, here they are and I must say that I am offering a very good rate.

Mariposa kit costs 200kr and it includes postage anywhere within Sweden.
Only 2 kits available.

Mariposa Papers only: 48 papers 6” X 6” costs 250kr inc. postage within Sweden.

Once I have settled down with my ideas and projects, I will complete my blog presentation (I am still working on it). I hope to post my projects and share some of my ideas and musings with you and of course I would also love to hear from you. So please bear with me and you will be in for some surprises. Cheers.


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